Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Charts featuring the top rankings of area public and private schools

Private Schools Chart Private Schools Chart
SchoolRankingValue Ranking Tuition DayBoarding Enrollment Average Class Size Student/
Teacher Ratio
AP Courses Number of College Counselors Total Sports Percent on Financial Aid Average SATCritical Reading Average SAT Math Average SATWriting
Commonwealth School111$30,465 NA150125:011631536742701715
Groton School232$35,090 $46,790 372135:01934737700700700
Middlesex School336$35,450 $44,320 360125:012442931.9680680690
Phillips Academy, Andover428$31,100 $39,900 1,105135:013267142684700692
Newton Country Day School535$32,800 NA240127:011932421670650740
Winsor School634$32,250 NA233137:011023324694667725
Boston University Academy731$30,123 NA156129:01021233722694713
Montrose School83$16,900 NA89154:0141730640640680
Belmont Hill School937$32,700 $38,800 437116:011225330660675700
Noble and Greenough School1041$33,900 $38,900 586146:011755424.5668674682
Waring School1118$24,075 NA89148:0122633640620650
Milton Academy1245$34,470 $41,960 680145:01943032681688696
Lawrence Academy1352$35,575 $46,200 399125:01845428 . . .
Deerfield Academy1442$32,740 $43,800 653126:011046034660670670
Tabor Academy1538$31,100 $43,500 510126:012254931589618591
Concord Academy1655$35,915 $44,415 373126:01NA32825686683692
Governor's Academy1746$33,600 $42,600 378125:011634727594633603
St. Mark's School1851$34,800 $43,600 359105:011924827 . . .
Rivers School1947$33,750 NA440128:011333526641660660
Thayer Academy2040$31,650 NA46214.56:011344833 . . .
Walnut Hill School2143$32,800 $42,840 300146:0104NA50 . . .
Cushing Academy2239$31,200 $42,850 445128:01854328 . . .
Beaver Country Day School2348$33,180 NA307137:011633225 . . .
Worcester Academy2426$25,340 $44,830 501138:011545234587634603
Gann Academy2533$27,700 NA330165:01422033655651668
*Roxbury Latin School 2612$19,500 NA203138:013235 36 720 726 732
Buckingham Browne & Nichols2754$34,330 NA480158:012034823675660676
Brimmer and May School2849$33,200 NA135147:011112328 . . .
Mount Alvernia High School291$11,100 NA25213.59:01331917667686661
St. Sebastian's School3044$31,550 NA350117:012023825

Brooks School3153$33,060 $44,370 356125:011524721 . . .
Pingree School3250$32,000 NA335158:011044422609623614
Dana Hall School3356$37,113 $49,224 37012.39:011432918601626627
Sacred Heart344$11,200 NA33513.710:016234 . . . .
Bishop Fenwick School355$10,250 NA6002017:011055051 . . .
Cathedral High School362$8,237 NA5001813:01934840 . . .
Lexington Christian Academy3729$21,250 NA2331511:01611935607613629
Pope John XXIII High School386$8,000 NA3001814:01431560510525515
Notre Dame Academy3915$14,490 NA6002011:0113435
. . .
Ursuline Academy4010$12,285 NA3851811:01631817640619653
Woodward School417$11,1 95NA901610:0141430560520532
Cambridge School of Weston4257$34,100 $45,350 330106:01211325 . . .
St. John's Preparatory School4327$16,900 NA1,2501912:011984430601612600
Boston College High School4425$14,950 NA1,2502313:0124113935591602598
Archbishop Williams High School459$9,600 NA5272014:015338 . . . .
Austin Preparatory School4621$13,700 NA5001611:011633815580576576
Newman School4722$13,600 NA2201414:01911225578584566
Marian High School488$8,900 NA27017.513:01622335522523526
Malden Catholic High School4913$10,650 NA7002213:011233255545568556
St. John's High School5016$10,550 NA9642414:012383730589612590
Catholic Memorial5123$12,825 NA7452112:011644833556562542
Holyoke Catholic High School5214$6,900 NA2952112:01422318562525555
Mount Saint Joseph Academy5319$8,500 NA2351716:013110 .552549589
Bishop Connolly High School5417$7,350 NA3001818:01823835494480494
Arlington Catholic High School5520$8,000 NA7502217:0112531 . 541539569
Matignon High School5624$7,700 NA3921717:01622522510530500
Trinity Catholic High School5730$8,690 NA2351713:012122 . 472474465
HOW WE DETERMINED VALUE: Our rankings this year were computed by statistician George Recck, director of the Math Resource Center at Babson College. As in years past, we gathered data on area schools by consulting school officials and websites, as well as the Massachusetts Department of Education. With this information, Recck calculated mean scores for each data category and then ranked schools based on their distance from the averages. With this traditional performance ranking in hand, he also evaluated performance against tuition, producing a ranking that shows which high schools deliver the most academic bang for the buck.
. Information Not Available
For schools that did not provide figures, the average was used as a placeholder when computing the rankings. Our rankings focused on schools in Eastern Massachusetts, mostly inside or around the 495 belt. If your school is not on the list, it does not mean it did poorly, it just means it fell outside our coverage area.
Private Schools Category Weight Breakdown:
  • Avg. Class Size 15%
  • Stud./Teacher Ratio 15%
  • Stud./AP Courses 7.5%
  • Stud./Coll. Counselors 12.5%
  • Stud./Sports Offered 5%
  • Financial Aid % 15%
  • SAT-Reading 10%
  • SAT-Math 10%
  • SAT-Writing 10%
*After initially denying our request for SAT and financial aid data, Roxbury Latin agreed to present it to us after the September issue went to press. Those categories have been filled in here, though it was toolate to factor them into the rankings.

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