Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Identity Thieves Claim $21 Billion In Fake Refunds:

the IRS sent more than $3.3 million in refunds to an address in Lansing, Michigan, that was listed on 2,137 separate tax returns. In at least 10 cases, the IRS sent more than 300 direct deposits of refunds totaling more than $470,000 to the same bank account.

Identity Thieves May Claim $21 Billion In Fake Refunds, Study Says

In 2010, 741 tax returns were filed to the federal government from a single address in Belle Glade, Fla., the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. In response, the Internal Revenue Service issued over $1 million in combined tax refunds to that address.

That report notes that in addition to the Belle Glade home, there was an address in Tampa that sent in 518 tax returns and got back almost $1.8 million in refunds

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