Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sri Lanka: Claim - LTTE uses food aid as tool to recruit child soldiers and elderly

i On Global Trends: Sri Lanka: Claim - LTTE uses food aid as tool to recruit child soldiers and elderly: "During the month of January to October 2008, the government had given 6000 metric tons of basic foods to Mulathivu, Kilinochchi, Mannar, and Wauniya north districts through the ministry of resettlement and disaster management as food aid, apart from that 42000 metric tons of foods sent to the same district through the cooperative societies. In addition, 14000 liters of kerosene oil was also provided.

Over and above that world food programme had sent 12000 metric tons of food to the same areas. Altogether, 60000 metric tons of rice, flour, dhal, sugar and vegetable oil had been sent for the day today use for residents living in the areas still under LTTE clutches. It should be worthwhile to note that LTTE cadres are too surviving on these consignments of food sent by the government.

Though government coordinated and sent 60000 metric tons of food for the use of the people in the area, it is important to research and find the operations of distribution at the tale end. According to the regulations laid in collaboration with world food programme and the government, a five member family unit is entitled to get 3.5kg of rice, 6kg of flour, 2.5kg of dhal, 0.5kg of vegetable oil and 2kg of sugar for five days. Apart from that, the residents are issued with 2 litres of kerosene oil per month."

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