Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cars - a boring ride to nowhere

Instant Kaapi: Cars - a boring ride to nowhere: "ohn Lasseter should go back to Producing Movies at Pixar and vacate the Director's chair for sometime. The crime: he ruined a precious outing with my Daughter. Ever since the Cars trailer came out (months ago), we've been betting on another memorable Pixar movie. We'd catch up with the trailer every other week just to get the kicks. When we finally got a chance to watch a movie at the theatre, we had no arguments about the choice. We buckle ourselves for a great trip and wait for the lights to go out.

What did we get? A story that's so predictable and uninspiring, I wish D and I had directed the flick. To be fair, the animation was neater than earlier Pixar rendering, but what's a gimmick, without a soul! We have the story of a self-absorbed Car, who learns important lessons about life from a bunch of other Cars in a laidback town, lost on Route 66. Yeah, I heard your gasp there. It's like we haven't had a zillion hollywood popcorn bags with that plot. On top of that we have some Cars/C(h)aracters that have no definition (forget depth), meaning or purpose, like the 'token' Black Cars and a pathetically mundane Doc Hudson (Paul Newman).

Now, you may be thinking this is rant from a guy who was probably pissed off at something else and ended up blaming this innocent Movie. I did rethink from that perspective, but how about a four year-old who, for most part of the movie, kept asking, "OK, can we now go to the water park?" (starting at minute 20). That sure is a bad sign. May be it's time for Pixar to show this to John."

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