Friday, January 20, 2006

Instinet Integrates With Reuters Station

Securities Industry News: " Instinet, now independent from its former parent Reuters Group, is announcing today that it has integrated the Instinet Trading Portal with the Reuters Station desktop. As a result of what the companies term an exclusive partnership arrangement, traders will be able to quickly act upon Reuters Station's technical and fundamental analytics, news and research by seeking out liquidity via Instinet's front-end trading technology.

The relationship will benefit the companies' large number of common clients for two main reasons, said Tim Conway, SVP at Instinet. "We certainly know Reuters salespeople have received a lot of inquiries in the past about being able to access the marketplace directly through the Reuters Station tool," he said. "We saw this as a way to give our clients the ability to get orders into the marketplace more quickly, be more efficient and be responsive to an industrywide movement to integrate desktops and free up desk space." Mutual customers, he added, "say this helps us with some desktop issues and allows us to get our orders into the market more efficiently if we click on a security in Reuters Station and it brings up a Portal ticket."

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