Thursday, April 28, 2005

Massachusetts Smart Growth News Articles

Massachusetts Smart Growth News Articles: "State Grant for Historic Building Rehab Puts Town of Ayer on Track for Downtown Revitalization

The Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development has awarded the small town of Ayer in Middlesex County an $825,000 Community Development Block Grant for rehabilitation of the historic Spaulding Block building downtown, with Ayer Economic and Community Development Director Shaun Suhoski, instrumental in securing the grant, stressing, ''The project exemplifies smart growth. It adds vibrancy, people and customers for the downtown businesses, and it adds affordable housing.''

Building owner Calvin Moore, who is matching the grant with investment of $1.12 million, will restore the first floor for business use, and the two upper floors for eight affordable housing units, reports Groton Landmark writer C. David Gordon. Praising the award as ''a great step in the right direction,'' for ''having private people put money in Main Street,'' the building owner said, ''just one building at a time -- that's what we need to do'' to revitalize the downtown area.

In a congratulatory letter to director Suhoski, the selectmen board credited him not only for the newest grant, but also for his innovative and consistent redevelopment work over the past six years, thanks to which ''the town of Ayer has grown beyond all recognition.'' -- Groton Landmark 2/6/2004"

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