Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ash in Hollywood

First I watched Ash in 60 minutes. I was squirming with the way she over-giggled, for her pensiveness, escapist answers.

Then it was David Letterman. Even though she is not living with her parents (somebody please google me on this), she was interrogated for staying with them. The usual suspects followed like will you french kiss (aka freedom kiss?), will you be in intimate position with the James Bonds.

It was as though my first lunch outing with the newly joined company’s team. These company folks will be well aware of India and its rituals. They will be asking me about walking in the roads with snakes hissing around. Then they will be wondering how fast I can go from point A to point B, through my only mode of transport, i.e. an Elephant. Then there will be gasps at arranged marriage and the penance before that marriage. There will be mathematical calculations on whether the number of stars is greater than the total number of Indian Gods.

The irony was most of them were applicable for different circumstances and I will have my own justifications.

If we go to a pleasant rural forest area, there will be snakes. As the advertisement for the Indian Oil proclaims, elepahnts are used for emergency or ocaassional transportation. As the recent NY Times article suggests, similar to US even India have fixed engagements and it works.

And Boston Globe enlightens how marriages work and survive.

Not to go on a tangent, let me come back to Aishwarya Rai going rounds in media, promoting her movie Bride and Prejudice'.

The embarassment of me is uncalled for. The media does it wantedly and Ash also plays along as me attending those parties. It is great for small talk. The movie is about branding Bollywood and hence extrapolating it to stereotype the India.

Ash and Gurinder are part of ‘The game’. And I do not enjoy it.

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